Programme #1

GALOTTI – share music & more!

You would like to learn to play and instrument or to sing?
You would like to sing or play in a band?
You enjoy listening to good music locally or globally, or you enjoy dancing to live music?

Then GALOTTI is just right for you! Here you can learn to play music, alone or with others, listen to music, and make friends with other music lovers.
GALOTTI offers instrumental and singing classes at various levels, opportunities to jam and to listen to bands and ensembles at concerts, musical encounters in a bar – all in all: music that touches the heart!

The first series of courses begins on 19 August 2019.

Checkout the GALOTTI program & enroll!

Due to technical problems you can find the full program in the german section of the website only. We apologize for this inconvenience.


Ab 2. September 2019, jeweils am 1. Montag des Monats von 19...

Ab 19. August 2019, jeweils am 3. Montag des Monats von 19:0...