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classes, bands & workshops

At GALOTTI you play music and learn from and with each other, in groups and in bands, with the support and the guidance of the most talented teaching artists. Wether you are a beginner or professional – you’ll find the right course or band that matches your needs. It’s about music from around the world. Above all, however, it’s about the joy of music and of playing together!

GALOTTI jams are open and public events, themed or not.

For detailed information about classes, bands & workshops and enrollment, please, switch to “classes, bands & workshop” in the german section of the website.
Feel free to contact us if we can help with information or translations! Phone: 044 552 67 50; Mail:

Bands & classes in the winter program, starting on January 6, 2020.

Alphorn 1 & 2 with Priska Walss
Balkan Orkestar with Marem Aliev & Nehrun Aliev
Banjo Basics with Caspar Noetzli
Bluesgitarre with Rainer Wöffler
Circle Songs 1 & 2 with Katrin Sauter. 6
The voice of the TIMBAU (Drum) with Adrian Egger
E-Bass: Do the right thing with Jan Schlegel
Fiddle music for beginners with Eva Wey
Ensemble Herbstzeitlosen for people 65+ with Rotraut Jäger
Favorite pop songs (class for young people 11 – 15) with James Varghese
GALOTTI Brasil band with Rodrigo Botter Maio
Giigestubete — Swiss fiddle music with Eva Wey
Guitar 1 & 2 with Felix Walder
Guitar: open tunings with Urs Vögeli
Klezmer Band with Martin Schumacher
Broaden your musical  horizon — Fiddle Musik with Eva Wey
How to improvise with Urs Vögeli
Irish & celtic GALOTTI Session with Eva Wey
Yodelling! 1 & 2 with Natalie Huber
Double bass for beginners  with Franz Winteler
Swiss folk music with Dieter Ringli
Songs from Brasil with Adrian Egger
Lift every voice and sing! with Samira Darby
Lunch percussion with Tony Majdalani
Musik ohne Umwege — Learn music by ear with Franz Winteler
Old-time fiddle with Elizabeth Lamberti & Christine Rüegger
Percussion ensemble with Tony Majdalani
Flute 1 & 2 with Rotraut Jäger
Songwriting with Andrea Brunner & Stefanie Hess
Voice of the colors choir with Hakan Can
Trance & Ecstasy with Jan Schlegel
Ukulele 1 & 2 with Tanja Wirz & Rainer Wöffler
Ukulele for kids & parents with Caspar Noetzli
Voice & Bodypercussion with Jean Daniel Girod
Arrangement workshop with Andrea Brunner & Stefanie Hess
Family band workshops with Rotraut Jäger
Improvisation: Jazz, Blues n‘more with Räto Harder
Lyrics & Songwriting workshop with Boni Koller
Rhythmic accompaniment with the Pandero Quadrat de Peñaparda 1 & 2 with Adrian Egger
Bandaid — band coaching
Verdi Brass with Martin Schumacher

GALOTTI’s program is constantly being expanded. Please let us know if you’re interested in a course or band-related topic that doesn’t feature in our program yet.