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concerts, jams & more

GALOTTI’s concert programme offers live music from all over the world, be it local or global. There are jams, concerts and dance events with live music for people of all ages; traditional, wild, and everything in-between.

GALOTTI on the Road is our mobile program with musical offerings in various districts of Zurich. We go to different parts of the city of Zurich, to music lovers, beginners and pros, old and young, with workshops, jams, dance events and concerts featuring outstanding musicians.

 The programs of GALOTTI on the Road are planned and executed together with local organisations and institutions. Just let us know if you are interested in collaborating with GALOTTI in your neighbourhood or district.


27oct15:0019:30MUSIKSAFARI Hirzenbach #5 - INDEPENDENT SONGS

28oct19:0021:30VOICESunpluggedGALOTTI club & bar


04nov19:0021:30Old Time JamGALOTTI club & bar

05nov19:3021:30Oerliker JamGalotti on the Road

08nov20:0023:00Konzert SWINGINGPOOLGalotti Club & Bar

15nov20:0023:00The Red Hot SerenadersGALOTTI club & bar

17nov19:0021:30SingsalonsGALOTTI club & bar

19nov19:3021:30Oerliker JamGalotti on the Road

22nov20:0023:00Doppelbock - GrenzenlosGALOTTI club & bar

23nov20:0023:00Konzert "Aaron Bebe Sukura Trio"GALOTTI club & bar

24nov15:0019:30MUSIKSAFARI Hirzenbach #6 - LULLABIES & NINNANANNAGalotti on the Road

25nov19:0021:30VOICESunpluggedGALOTTI club & bar

29nov20:0023:00KONZERT: Toxidi - RembetikoGALOTTI club & bar


02dez19:0021:30Old Time JamGALOTTI club & bar

03dez19:3021:30Oerliker JamGalotti on the Road

06dez20:0023:00ZÜRICH SINGT unpluggedZu Gast bei GALOTTI!

07dez20:0023:00ZÜRICH SINGT unpluggedZu Gast bei GALOTTI!

08dez15:0019:30MUSIKSAFARI Hirzenbach #7 - CHRISTMAS CAROLINGGalotti on the Road

15dez19:0021:30SingsalonsGALOTTI club & bar

17dez19:3021:30Oerliker JamGalotti on the Road


06jan19:0021:30Old Time JamGALOTTI club & bar

19jan19:0021:30SingsalonsGALOTTI club & bar

27jan19:0021:30VOICESunpluggedGALOTTI club & bar