Suamundinger Dance, September 2018, Videostill Thomas Krempke


GALOTTI on the Road is our mobile program with musical offerings in various districts of Zurich. We go to different parts of the city of Zurich, to music lovers, beginners and pros, old and young, with workshops, jams, dance events and concerts featuring outstanding musicians.

 The programs of GALOTTI on the Road are planned and executed together with local organisations and institutions. Just let us know if you are interested in collaborating with GALOTTI in your neighbourhood or district.

Oeffentlich und offen für alle Sänger/-innen und Instrumentalisten/-innen,Anfänger/-innen und Fortgeschrittene, die zusammen mit anderen Musik ma...

Past events

Band Züri Nord. Mit Magda Vogel und Martin Schumacher. Zum...