Friends of GALOTTI: Statements. Crowdfunding Launch, April 2018. Video Charlotte Walker.



Would you like to contribute financially or in another way to the activities of GALOTTI?
As a member of the GALOTTI Förderverein you immediately become part of GALOTTI. You are regularly informed about the activities of GALOTTI and are invited once a year to the GALOTTI party. Members can participate actively in the further development of GALOTTI. They are friends and therefore guests of honour.
The annual membership fee amounts to CHF 50. Registration:


Would you like to volunteer for some activities with GALOTTI? We are seeking volunteers who are willing to take on various tasks in connection with our courses and concerts. Volunteers benefit from reduced prices for courses and events organised by GALOTTI. If you are interested, please, contact:


Numerous individuals and institutions have already provided generous support for GALOTTI: Thank you very much! But: We’re not there yet. GALOTTI requires further support to build up its infrastructure and programme!

IBAN CH04 8080 8004 9322 9677 2
Konto lautend auf Förderverein Galotti, 8001 Zürich
Raiffeisenbank Winterthur, 8400 Winterthur


The following institutions and individuals have made generous contributions to the creation of GALOTTI’s infrastructure and programme:

Stiftung Erbprozent Kultur, 
Integrationsförderung der Stadt Zürich,
Hamasil Stiftung
Beitragsstiftung der Stadt Zürich

Private individuals:  Ursula Abt, Zürich; John Bendix, Baden; Heini and Marianne Diggelmann, Zurich; Steff Fischer, Zurich; Marco Fritsche, Appenzell; Walter Hürsch, Zurich; Jürg Jost, Zurich; Matthias Kamm, Zurich; Felix Kauf, Zurich; Fee Liechti and Michel Seigner, Dübendorf; Andi Lutz, Winterthur; René Munz, Frauenfeld;  Sayaka Rüegg-Kihara, Pany;  Anna Suter, Zurich; Stefan Tamo, Zurich; Reto Vollenweider

Numerous others have supported us via our crowdfunding. This support is gratifying and a great encouragement to us. Thank you very much!